But Just Who Is C. C. Cieri?


C. C. Cieri is a young author with experience in multiple genres and styles. She has written multiple stage plays, such as Cool Cats and Chocolate Mice, The Concessions Conspiracy, Wrung Up,Faking Fandom, and Craigslist! The Broadway Revue. She's also written for the radio, including audio-play The Incomparable Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet and the Boring School Days series, as well as running the radio show Awkward Sweet Peaches for three years. Most notably, she has had three short stories, Man or Mannequin, Slush Pile, and Medusa published in Franklin and Marshall's Alumni Arts Review.

When not writing plays, she teaches Comic and Manga Workshops at local libraries, volunteers for the senior writing workshop "The Best Day of My Life (So Far)," and tells five-minute memoirs at the First Person Arts Story Slam. She currently lives in Springfield, but considers herself a Philadelphian at heart.