Joe Louis lost one boxing match to a Nazi-German superstar, and he's not gonna lose again. Contains swearing.

A paramedic frees two shoppers caught in a revolving door. Contains swearing.

Seven contestants. One hot new reality show. Seven sins. One diabolical plan to lead humanity astray; just in time for sweeps week! Contains swearing, nudity, references to sex and gross-out humor.

The Googolplex is on high alert for a crime syndicate devoted to sneaking snacks into movie theatres. Unwitting usher Jake is chosen to join the snack sneakers as the Googolplex's inside man, much to the displeasure of his straight-laced girlfriend. The web of intrigue only gets stickier once his co-worker joins the sneakers for real and his boss is caught embezzling the theater's funds. Contains swearing.

Lucidia Van Zoet's prize-winning chocolate mice are stolen! Ace middle-school detective Malcom Aaronovich takes it upon himself to navigate a bizarre cast of suspects, and a candy-loving vampire, while Lucidia realizes Malcolm has some secrets of his own. Ideal for grade-schoolers and middle-schoolers.

Full Length Plays

Multiple plays of various lengths, ranging from family-friendly to "for mature audiences."



One act plays and monologues.

One woman's sisyphean quest to sell old lawn furniture. Good for all ages. Contains mild swearing.

A failing toy company makes a desperate bid to avoid bankruptcy by selling toys for a hot new anime...that doesn't actually exist. Contains swearing, gross-out humor, references to sex and weeaboos.

Stage and Screen